Effective microorganisms in liquid form for use everywhere!

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The Microferm is a liquid mixture of active micro-organisms (bacteria, fungi and yeasts). It can be applied in the stable, on pastures and the manure pile.

According to the principle of dominance, harmful microorganisms are eliminated. The organic compounds in the manure, litter, green waste will be transformed by a process of maturation in easily digestible nutrients.

During this transformation, the effective microorganisms compete with putrefying bacteria, pathogens, ... and Avoiding phenomena as putrefaction, the ammonia fumes ...

In addition, the infection pressure in the stable is reduced and the treated manure becomes a valuable product for the soil.
Microferm in the stable (dosage): 1L Microferm / m² / year

In practice spray 2 to 3 times a week a solution of 1 L in the stables (9 m²). In a stable of 12 m², is sprayed 1.5 l solution.

Dilution: 5% Microferm (5 liter Microferm / 100 liters of water)

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Effective microorganisms in liquid form for use everywhere!

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