Horse Remedy has always been committed to helping horses, riders and our planet.

Specifically, what are we committed to?

  • Reducing waste: At Horse Remedy, we've always used mainly recycled cardboard for our packaging. This decision reflects our desire to reduce our ecological footprint and preserve the natural resources of our beautiful planet. By opting for recycled materials, we reduce the demand for new raw materials and contribute to the preservation of forests.

  • Short supply chain: We have always been committed to working with Belgian and French suppliers (with the exception of our salt stones, which come from Greece). This collaboration supports the local economy, creates jobs and reduces our carbon footprint linked to transport. By sourcing locally, we favour shorter circuits, thus limiting CO2 emissions.

  • Promoting local brands: Horse Remedy works with Cavasso and Os'Mose, two small French companies offering high-quality products.

  • Climate-neutral deliveries: Horse Remedy works with Bpost to deliver these parcels.

Climate-neutral deliveries are good for the environment. Bpost makes it possible to offset the CO2 emissions we can't (yet) avoid. Today, we offer climate-neutral distribution of your parcels. By 2030, Bpost aims to reduce its CO2 emissions by at least 55%.

You, our community, are also part of this positive change. Your choices (even in products for your horses) and your support encourage us to continue adopting sustainable and ethical practices.