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Wholesaler of essential oils and natural products.

The TRISKEL, the motif of our logo, owes nothing to chance.
We chose this positive waveform, which comes to us from our Celtic ancestors, because it represents the idea of a human being interconnected with his or her surroundings and with nature.

There was a time when human beings lived with this consciousness, and it's time for us to rediscover this relationship.
It's from this perspective that we approach the use of essential oils. They are a gift from nature that heal us on both a physiological and energetic level.

We pay particular attention to the energetic quality of the essential oils and other products we offer.

Floressence QUALITY
All our essential oils are
- 100% pure (undiluted, uncut)
- 100% natural (not denatured by synthetic molecules)
- Chemotyped (botanically defined and biochemically structured).
Our certified organic essential oils, vegetable oils and hydrolats are controlled by Certisys.

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