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Only in French.

The first mobile application for equine naturopathy Horse Remedy

The aim of our application is to introduce you to a wide selection of natural products and their properties to help you with your horse's day-to-day health.
Find all the natural products, their characteristics, possible uses, contraindications and advice on how to care for your horse on a daily basis.

Discover dozens of practical information sheets accessible from your smartphone!

Take advantage of a scientific library of information on equine naturopathy such as phytotherapy, gemmotherapy, aromatherapy, Bach Flower Remedies, etc., as well as the links that can be made between these remedies and everyday ailments that horses may suffer from.

Our application also offers a series of practical tools such as keyword searches, the possibility of sending us your best natural recipes to share on our social networks, and a "blog" section to learn more and more.

This application is not intended to replace veterinary or equine naturopathic advice/consultation.