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  • Seaweed Therapy

    The benefits of the sea, for your horses. We offer products from the brand Cavasso. Cavasso has a wide range of care products for horses based mainly on seaweed. This company is located in Brittany. In collaboaration with The Laboratory, the French leader in the creation of marine-based products, Cavasso have developed a wide range of care products targetting the well-being and the performance of horses.

    This brand brings up constant innovations in terms of new treatments thanks to its research and development pole. Whether you're interested in sports, leisure or in companionship this range of products will bring energy and vitality to your horse.

  • Gemstone

    Lithotherapy is a "soft" medicine using a wide range of stones and cristals which produces a natural "vibration" or "resonance". Our stones are all quality-certified gems and semi-precious stones. They are all certified "Conscious stones". Our headpieces are all custom-made and home-made by hand in Belgium. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for a specific stone type.

  • Stable

    Manage your stables naturally with Horse Remedy.

  • Care Products

    Find an exclusive selection of care products for your horses.

  • Rider

    Lithotherapy is a so-called soft medicine working with various stones and crystals that emit a natural "vibration" or "resonance". Our stones are gem quality and semi-precious stones. They are certified "Conscious stones".

  • Olfactotherapy