Who are we?

Horse Remedy is THE nature shop of your horse.

We offer a selection of products based on effective microorganisms, phytotherapy, aromatherapy, hydrolathérapie, crystal healing and even flowers of Bach.

You find everything that nature offers in a single site.

With clear explanations, easy website to use and our professionalism, you can quickly place orders a few clicks.
The Horse history Remedy?

Horse Remedy is above all a great family adventure.

Mother and daughter, impassioned horses always have long looked for alternatives to traditional medicines.

Wanting to return to old products and grandmothers recipes, they started in their kitchen to make everyday care products for their own horses.

Desiring to make the general public, the wealth of products from nature, the Horse Remedy project has emerged.

Thank you already for your confidence and for your support / encouragement in this great adventure.