A balanced diet for the well-being of your horses

Published on 2023-12-14

A balanced, natural diet is essential for maintaining the health and well-being of horses. When it comes to creating a natural diet for horses, it's important to take into account their specific nutritional needs as well as their age, activity level and state of health. Here are some tips for creating a natural diet for horses:

1. Quality hay

Quality hay is an essential component of a horse's diet. It provides essential fiber, vitamins and minerals for digestive and general health. Choose good quality hay, free from dust, mould and weeds.

2. Grazing

If possible, provide horses with access to quality pasture. Pasture offers a variety of grasses, allowing horses to satisfy their natural nutritional needs. Make sure the pasture is free of poisonous plants and that horses have access to fresh water at all times.

3. Natural supplementary feeds

In addition to hay and pasture, you can add natural complementary feeds such as flaxseed, vegetables, fruits and herbs to your horse's diet. These foods can provide additional nutrients, antioxidants and medicinal properties beneficial to horse health.

It is important to consult an equine nutritionist or a veterinarian specialized in nutrition for specific recommendations concerning your horse's diet, taking into account his individual needs.

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