Lithotherapy for horses? tested and approved by Mon Cheval est une bombe!

Published on 2017-05-02

Today, we're going to talk about an alternative medicine: lithotherapy. Mon cheval est une Bombe received a rose quartz browband for Naïka from Horse Remedy, and it's time to share her experience with you!

Lithotherapy is healing with precious or semi-precious stones. It is believed that the vibrations and energies of stones can influence the body and mind to relieve physical or psychological ailments in both humans and animals.

The test that Mon cheval est une Bombe carried out with Horse Remedy's rose quartz browband was an interesting experiment. Chosen for its properties linked to the heart chakra, this stone symbolizes love and benevolence, helping to overcome emotional pain and stimulate friendship. Since Naïka had lost her riding companion, Kim, Mon cheval est une Bombe tried to soothe her feelings towards her new friend, Nora.

The result was positive. Naïka wears her browband calmly, showing an improvement in her behavior towards Nora. Although I can't 100% guarantee that the browband is responsible for this change, it has certainly made a positive contribution to their budding friendship.

The Horse Remedy boutique offers these browbands with stones chosen by a certified gemologist, also offering the possibility of customizing the color of the leather. An original, handcrafted way to explore the benefits of lithotherapy for our equine companions.

Read the article and test the Rose Quartz browband:

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