List of products by manufacturer Equibiome

The range for the horses of the Belgian firm Agriton

Microbiological harmony for horses and their environment
Equibiome is a range of horse-breeding applications focusing on the natural soil-plant-animal-manure cycle.
The word Equibiome is derived from the term Microbiome, which refers to the interaction between micro-organisms present on, around and in living organisms.
Effective microorganisms (EM) play a central role in this interaction.

Agriton has developed the Equibiome range as a treatment for the stable and its surroundings, pastures, forage and the horse itself. In addition to these microbiological products, Agriton also supplies basic products that help maintain and/or restore balance in animals, in the stable, on pasture, etc.

What are effective microorganisms?
Efficient micro-organisms (EM ) are a mixture of active bacteria, yeasts and fungi that exist in nature. They promote the decomposition of organic matter and increase the natural balance and biodiversity of the stable, soil and environment.

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