Effective microorganisms in liquid form to use everywhere!

Packaging: 2 liters

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The Microferm is a liquid mixture of active microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, and yeast). It can be applied in the stable, on pastures, and on the manure pile. According to the dominance principle, harmful microorganisms will be eliminated. Organic compounds in manure, bedding, and green waste will be transformed through a maturation process into easily assimilable nutrients.

During this transformation, effective microorganisms compete with putrefactive bacteria, pathogenic germs, ... thus preventing phenomena such as putrefaction, ammonia emissions, etc.

In addition, the infectious pressure in the stable is reduced, and the treated manure becomes a very valuable product for the soil.

Microferm in the stable (dosage): 1L Microferm /m²/year

In practice, spray a solution of 1L in the stable (9 m²) 2 to 3 times a week. In a 12 m² stable, spray 1.5L of solution.

Dilution on hay/in the stable: 5% Microferm (5 liters of Microferm/100 liters of water).

As a shampoo: Dilute at 5%.

On the frogs (hoof): Pure.



Je l'utilise à pulvériser sur la paille du box de mon cheval asthmatique



Le Microferm est l'indispensable dans votre écurie pour tous ceux qui veulent les entretenir de façon respectueuse de l'environnement et de leurs chevaux. Pour ma part, je composte mes crottins au Microferm pour les épandre dans mes prés.

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Effective microorganisms in liquid form to use everywhere!

Packaging: 2 liters

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