Organic stables, a natural tip

Published on 2017-02-08

How do you start an organic stable? First choose whether you're going to clean the stable of manure or opt for "mattress" stabling (always adding layers of bedding one on top of the other, cleaning only the large pieces of manure). the start-up is identical, then if you clean the manure, you'll ferment on the manure pile, and in the "mattress" formula, you'll ferment directly in the stable.

To make these organic boxes, you'll need Microferm (micro-organisms in liquid form) and Vulkamin (a kind of clay powder that absorbs moisture).

1. Spray Microferm (in a ratio of 5/100 l of water) on the stable floor.

2. Place a layer of bedding (straw, hemp, flax...). Preferably, don't use woody material as it doesn't ferment well.

3. Place a layer of Vulkamin (and clay minerals) (250g/m²) to absorb moisture.

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