Young Horse Joints Pack

Packaging: Bamboo 1 kilo

                  Nettles 1 kilo

                   Bucket intense algae 2.5 kg

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Bamboo is a versatile and highly nutritious plant that contains, among other things, silicon, potassium and proteins.

It is good for skin, joints, connective tissue and all the cornea. Bamboo contains prebiotic oligosaccharides, which nourish the good intestinal bacterial strain and soften blood sugar levels. Bamboo also contains silica, which is beneficial for the intestinal mucosa. In addition, it contributes to the absorption of phosphorus, helps remove debris inside cells and strengthens skin tissue.

Bamboo is recommended for the treatment of gastric problems and horses with joint and skin problems.

Dosage: Horse 500kg: 1 to 2 pods / day.


Rich in iron and trace elements, the Horse Remedy Nettle brings to the horses of the tone, a beautiful dress, a skin and a hair in full form. Nettle is rich in vitamin C, sodium, iron, chlorophyll, dietary fiber, proteins ... Nettle is also a stimulant of the blood circulation. Useful for weak horses.

It provides the body with an iron supplement.

Intense algae: Revitalize, regenerate and remineralize. Product rich in minerals, trace elements and calcium.

Revitalize, regenerate, remineralize.

Very rich in minerals, trace elements and calcium.

The care of intense algae remineralizes the body and the contribution of iodine to an action on the metabolism.

Can be used in the form of a cure, the care will make it possible to untie the present tensions and to give a fast profit to a recharge in energy.

Before an event, the care will allow to have a horse relaxed muscularly and to be better physically.

When returning from an event, this treatment can be done in the evening to be easily removed the next morning. Recovery will be accelerated.

Use :

Ready to use dough. Usable at room temperature or heated (38 ° C max), apply as a thin poultice on the whole horse or on the areas to be treated:

Back, rump, limbs.

Leave to act between 25 minutes and 12H00, leaving the horse calm.

For rinsing, on a moist treatment, remove the maximum amount of dough with a heat knife, rinse with hot water. Drying can be done with a drying blanket or outside in the sun.

Cavasso seaweed shampoo is recommended for complete cleaning and to preserve the virtues of marine active ingredients. Avoid the soap.

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Young Horse Joints Pack

Young Horse Joints Pack

Packaging: Bamboo 1 kilo

                  Nettles 1 kilo

                   Bucket intense algae 2.5 kg

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