The story of Horse Remedy

Horse Remedy is first and foremost a family story. Mother and daughter, lovers of horses and strong of their experiences, they wish, through this start-up, to transmit their values.

Their products are manufactured and selected with care. They are uncompromising when it comes to the composition of their recipes. Sensitive to ecology, they favour local and qualitative partners as well as recycled packaging.

Horse Remedy's Team

Dominique Cauffmann
Dominique Cauffmann Herbalist and trained in Aromatherapy

Dominique has been passionate about natural products and scientific research for many years. In love with the horses she takes care of on a daily basis, she wishes to bring all her knowledge to help as many people as possible to help their horses as well as possible.

Frédérique Cauffmann
Frédérique Cauffmann Graduate in Marketing and Communication

Frédérique has been a rider for over twenty-five years. After many years in traditional competition riding, she turned to ethology and gemstone in order to meet the specific needs of her horses.